Human Rights Museum - United Nations

The United Nations headquarters in New York City has stood as a beacon of hope for all of humanity for almost seventy years now. In that time the fortunes of the world have risen and fallen, but the United Nations has endured. We were tasked with the challenge of creating a multi-functioning building that would serve as additional office space for the UN as well as design a new human rights museum, which would serve as the main attraction for the site. The design presented puts the issues and identity of the world’s continents on centre stage. The museums run throughout the centre of the office tower, patrons take an express elevator to the top of the building and then circle down through the sphere exhibits ending on the ground floor. Each sphere has a different asthenic, which reflects the general identity of the continent it represents. The design also takes eco-conscious considerations into account. Each floor features vertical sliding bay windows. The windows open up the office space to the outside world which will help maintain a comfortable temperature for those working and cut back on energy usage.  The ground floor of the design is open and accommodating to a large gathering when need be. On the river side of the site, a raised landscape feature is located, which gets visitors above the traffic and access to sweeping views of the UN and the East River.